Database vendor open sources Postgres-XL for scale-out workloads by Derrick Harris.

From the post:

Database software company TransLattice has rebuilt the popular PostgreSQL database as a clustered system designed for handling large datasets. The open-source product, called Postgres-XL, is designed to be just like regular Postgres, only more scalable and also functional as a massively parallel analytic database.

That’s interesting news but I puzzled over a comment that Derrick makes:

Postgres-XL is among a handful of recent attempts to turn Postgres into a more fully functional database.

True, there are projects to add features to Postgres that it previously did not have but I would not characterize them as making Postgres “…a more fully functional database.”

PostgreSQL is already a fully functional database, a rather advanced one. It may lack some feature someone imagines as useful, but the jury is still out on whether such added “features” are features or cruft.

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