Since I just urged you to read/study philosophy and humanities its only fair that I mention ProfessorDaveatYork and his chemistry videos.

David is an enthusiast to say the least. Which is understandable concerning the following from his background:

We are exploring one of the most exciting frontiers of modern chemistry – the nanoworld. Nanotechnology, the development of systems between 1 and 100 nm in size seems impossible tiny to the average person. However, for chemists, used to manipulating bonds just 0.1 nm long, the nanoworld is a large space, which requires new synthetic strategies.

Nanochemistry – the synthesis and study of nanoscale architectures, is therefore a fundamental part of nanotechnology. Applications of nanotechnology are completely dependent on the new objects which chemists can generate. Our approach uses non-covalent interactions between molecules – ‘supramolecular chemistry’ – in order to allow simple molecular-scale building blocks to spontaneously self-assemble into nanostructures. Self-assembly is a simple and powerful approach to constructing the nanoworld which allows us to generate a wide variety of systems, with applications ranging from nanomaterials to nanomedicine.

Hard to not be excited when you are on the cutting edge!

Chemistry or more precisely cheminfomatics is no stranger to the name/identifier problems found elsewhere in science, business, government, etc.

Enjoyable lectures that can refresh or build your chemistry basics.

Dave has recently passed 400,000 views on his channel. What say we help him on his way to 500,000? (Enjoyable lectures not being all that common, we should encourage them whenever possible.)

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