CSI Buffs

Crime Scene Investigation, a Guide for Law Enforcement Source: National Forensic Science Technology Center.

If you are a fan of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami,
CSI: NY, or any of the other police/crime/terrorism, etc. shows, this will provide hours of entertainment.

If your purposes are more serious, either detecting or avoiding detection of criminal activity (varies by jurisdiction and your appetite for risk), this is one window into the data collection process for criminal investigations. Local terminology and practices will vary.

The handbook bills itself as:

This handbook is intended as a guide to recommended practices for crime scene investigation.

Jurisdictional, logistical, or legal conditions may preclude the use of particular procedures contained herein.

For potentially devastating situations, such as biological weapons or radiological or chemical threats, the appropriate agencies should be contacted. The user should refer to the National Institute of Justice’s publications for fire and arson investigation, bomb and explosives investigation, electronic crime investigation, and death investigation where applicable. (page xi)

Other resources you may find interesting:

Death Investigation (pdf, 64 pages)

Electronic Crime Scene Investigation (Second Edition)

Fire and Arson Scene Evidence (pdf, 73 pages)

Guide for Explosion and Bombing Scene Investigation (pdf, 64 page)

Eliminating the overlap between these documents and supplementing them with local and “live” case examples would greatly increase their value.


PS: I have local copies just in case these should disappear.

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