Decompiling Clojure

Guillermo Winkler has started a series of posts on decompiling Clojure.

Thus far, Decompiling Clojure I and Decompiling Clojure II, The Compiler have been posted.

From the first post:

This is the first in a series of articles about decompiling Clojure, that is, going from JVM bytecode created by the Clojure compiler, to some kind of higher level language, not necessarily Clojure.

This article was written in the scope of a larger project, building a better Clojure debugger, which I’ll probably blog about in the future.

These articles are going to build form the ground up, so you may skip forward if you find some of the stuff obvious.

Just in case you want to read something more challenging than the current FCC and/or security news.

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