Making Data Classification Work

Making Data Classification Work by James H. Sawyer.

From the post:

The topic of data classification is one that can quickly polarize a crowd. The one side believes there is absolutely no way to make the classification of data and the requisite protection work — probably the same group that doesn’t believe in security awareness and training for employees. The other side believes in data classification as they are making it work within their environments, primarily because their businesses require it. The difficulty in choosing a side lies in the fact that both are correct.

Apologies, my quoting of James is mis-leading.

James is addressing the issue of “classification” of data in the sense of keeping information secret.

What is amazing is that the solution James proposes for “classification” in terms of what is kept secret, has a lot of resonance for “classification” in the sense of getting users to manage categories of data or documents.

One hint:

Remember how poorly even librarians use the Library of Congress subject listings? Contrast that with nearly everyone using aisle categories at the local grocery store.

You can design a topic map where experts use it poorly, or so nearly everyone be able to use it.

Your call.

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