Speaking of Not Lying

Financial Institutions Leverage Metadata Driven Modeling Capability Built on the Oracle R Enterprise Platform to Accelerate Model Deployment and Streamline Governance

Oracle released a buzz word laden announcement on 25 March 2014, that anticipated Rebekah Campbell‘s post on lying by saying:

Financial institutions continue to expand their use of statistical models across the enterprise. In addition to their long-standing role in risk management, models are increasingly the foundation for customer insight and marketing, financial crime and compliance and enterprise performance management analytical applications. As a result, organizations are spending more time and resources creating and validating models, improving data quality, verifying results and managing and governing the use of models across the enterprise. (emphasis added)

I have never seen a vendor advertise their software as being useful for financial crime.

Do you know what sort of EULA that software ships under?

BTW, what other parts of this announcement seem a bit shaded to you?

I first saw this in a tweet by Bob DuCharme.

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