mtx: a swiss-army knife for information retrieval

From the webpage:

mtx is a command-line tool for rapidly trying new ideas in Information Retrieval and Machine Learning.

mtx is the right tool if you secretly wish you could:

  • play with Wikipedia-sized datasets on your laptop
  • do it interactively, like the boys whose data fits in Matlab
  • quickly test that too-good-to-be-true algorithm you see at SIGIR
  • try ungodly concoctions, like BM25-weighted PageRank over ratings
  • cache all intermediate results, so you never have to re-run a month-long job
  • use awk/perl to hack internal data structures half-way through a computation

mtx is made for Unix hackers. It is a shell tool, not a library or an application. It’s designed for interactive use and relies on your shell’s tab-completion and history features. For scripting it, I highly recommend this.

What do you have on your bootable USB stick? 😉

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