Installing Apache Solr 4.7 multicore…

Installing Apache Solr 4.7 multicore on Ubuntu 12.04 and Tomcat7

From the post:

I will show you how to install the ApacheSolr search engine under Tomcat7 servlet container on Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS (Precise Pangolin) to be used later with Drupal 7. In this writeup I’m gonna discuss only the installation and setup of the ApacheSolr server. Specific Drupal configuration and/or Drupal side configuration to be discussed in future writeup.

Nothing you don’t already know but a nice checklist for the installation.

I’m glad I found it because I am writing a VM script to auto-install Solr as part of a VM distribution.

Manually I do ok but am likely to forget something the script needs explicitly.

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