Cool Infographics: Best Practices Group on LinkedIn

Cool Infographics: Best Practices Group on LinkedIn by Randy Krum.

From the post:

I am excited to announce the launch of a new LinkedIn Group, Cool Infographics: Best Practices. I have personally been a part of many great discussion groups over the years and believe that this group fills an unmet need. Please accept this invitation to join the group to share your own experiences and wisdom.

There are many groups that share infographics, but I felt that a discussion group dedicated to the craft of infographics and data visualization was missing. This group will feature questions and case studies about how companies are leveraging infographics and data visualization as a communication tool. Any posts that are just links to infographics will be moderated to keep the focus on engaging discussions. Topics and questions from the Cool Infographics book will also be discussed.

Join us in a professional dialogue surrounding case studies and strategies for designing infographics and using them as a part of an overall marketing strategy. We welcome both beginning and established professionals to share valuable tactics and experiences as well as fans of infographics to learn more about this growing field.

Anyone with a drawing program can create an infographic.

This group is where you may learn to make “cool” infographics.

Think of it as the difference between failing to communicate and communicating.

If you are trying to market an idea, a service or a product, the latter should be your target.

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