OCLC Preview 194 Million…

OCLC Preview 194 Million Open Bibliographic Work Descriptions by Richard Wallis.

From the post:

I have just been sharing a platform, at the OCLC EMEA Regional Council Meeting in Cape Town South Africa, with my colleague Ted Fons. A great setting for a great couple of days of the OCLC EMEA membership and others sharing thoughts, practices, collaborative ideas and innovations.

Ted and I presented our continuing insight into The Power of Shared Data, and the evolving data strategy for the bibliographic data behind WorldCat. If you want to see a previous view of these themes you can check out some recordings we made late last year on YouTube, from Ted – The Power of Shared Data – and me – What the Web Wants.

Today, demonstrating on-going progress towards implementing the strategy, I had the pleasure to preview two upcoming significant announcements on the WorldCat data front:

  1. The release of 194 Million Linked Data Bibliographic Work descriptions
  2. The WorldCat Linked Data Explorer interface

A preview release to be sure but one worth following!

Particularly with 194 million bibliographic work descriptions!

See Ralph’s post for the details.

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