Generating an XML test corpus

Generating an XML test corpus by Anthony Coates.

From the post:

My current role requires me to work with the MarkLogic NoSQL database. I’ve had some experience with it in the past, if not as much as I would have liked to have had.

Compared to relational databases, “document databases” like MarkLogic have the advantage that content is stored in a denormalised “document” format. If you have your data denormalised appropriately into documents, such that each query requires only a single document, then the database gives its optimum performance. With relational databases, there’s generally no way to avoid having some joins in queries, even if some of the data is denormalised into tables.

Anthony is an old hand with XML and has started a new blog.

I am particularly interested in Anthony’s questions about linking documents, denormalizing data, to say nothing of generating the test corpus.

I signed up for the RSS feed but don’t depend on me to mention every post. 😉

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