Visualize your Twitter followers…

Visualize your Twitter followers in 3 fairly easy — and totally free — steps by Derrick Harris.

From the post:

Twitter is a great service, but it’s not exactly easy for users without programming skills to access their account data, much less do anything with it. Until now.

There already are services that will let you download reports about when you tweet and which of your tweets were the most popular, some — like SimplyMeasured and FollowerWonk — will even summarize data about your followers. If you’re willing to wait hours to days (Twitter’s API rate limits are just that — limiting) and play around with open source software, NodeXL will help you build your own social graph. (I started and gave up after realizing how long it would take if you have more than a handful of followers.) But you never really see the raw data, so you have to trust the services and you have to hope they present the information you want to see.

Then, last week, someone from ScraperWiki tweeted at me, noting that service can now gather raw data about users’ accounts. (I’ve used the service before to measure tweet activity.) I was intrigued. But I didn’t want to just see the data in a table, I wanted to do something more with it. Here’s what I did.

Another illustration that the technology expertise gap between users does not matter as much as the imagination gap between users.

The Google Fusion Table image is quite good.

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