The Mole

The Mole

From the homepage:

The Mole is the Royal Society of Chemistry’s magazine for students, and anyone inspired to dig deeper into chemistry.

In the latest issue (as of today):

Find out how chemistry plays a central role in revealing how our ancestors once lived • Discover how lucrative markets are found in leftover lobster • Make your own battery from the contents of your fruit bowl • What did Egyptian mummies have for dinner? • How to control the weather so it rains where we need it to • Excavate the facts about a chemist working as an archaeologist • Discover how chemistry can reveal secrets hidden in art

Of course there is a wordsearch puzzle and a chemical acrostic on the final page.

Always interesting to learn new information and to experience “other” views of the world. May lessen your chances of answering a client before they finish outlining their problem.

I first learned of the Mole in a tweet by ChemistryWorld.

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