TU Delft Spreadsheet Lab

TU Delft Spreadsheet Lab

From the about page:

The Delft Spreadsheet Lab is part of the Software Engineering Research Group of the Delft University of Technology. The lab is headed by Arie van Deursen and Felienne Hermans. We work on diverse topics concerning spreadsheets, such as spreadsheet quality, design patterns testing and refactoring. Our current members are:

This project started last June so there isn’t a lot of content here, yet.

Still, I mention it as a hedge against the day that some CEO “discovers” all the BI locked up in spreadsheets that are scattered from one end of their enterprise to another.

Perhaps they will name it: Big Relevant Data, or some such.

Oh, did I mention that spreadsheets have no change tracking? Or means to document as part of the spreadsheet the semantics of it data or operations?

At some point those and other issues are going to become serious concerns, not to mention demands upon IT to do something, anything.

For IT to have a reasoned response to demands of “do something, anything,” a better understanding of spreadsheets is essential.

PS: Before all the Excel folks object that Excel does track changes, you might want to read: Track Changes in a Shared Workbook. As Obi-Wan Kenobi would say, “it’s true, Excel does track changes, from a certain point of view.” 😉

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