6000 Companies Hiring Data Scientists

6000 Companies Hiring Data Scientists by Vincent Granville.

From the post:

Search engines (Google, Microsoft), social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), financial institutions, Amazon, Apple, eBay, the health care industry, engineering companies (Boeing, Intel, Oil industry), retail analytics, mobile analytics, marketing agencies, data science vendors (for instance, Pivotal, Teradata, Tableau, SAS, Alpine Labs), environment, utilities government and defense routinely hire data scientists, though the job title is sometimes different. Traditional companies (manufacturing) tend to call them operations research analysts.

The comprehensive list of > 6,000 companies isn’t as helpful as you might imagine.

An Excel spreadsheet with two (2) columns. The first one is the company name and the second is the number of connections on LinkedIn.

I was thinking the list might be useful both in terms of employment but also for marketing data services.

In its present form, not useful at all.

But data scientists or wannabe data scientists should not accept less than useful data as a given.

What would you want to see added to the data? How would you make that a reality?

Recalling that we want maximum accuracy with a minimum amount of manual effort.

I’m going to thinking along those lines. Suggestions welcome!

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