One Page R:…

One Page R: A Survival Guide to Data Science with R by Graham Williams.

From the webpage:

Welcome to One Page R. This compendium of modules weaves together a collection of tools for the data miner, data scientist, and decision scientist. The tools are all part of the R Statistical Software Suite.

Each module begins with a Lecture on the topic, followed by a OnePageR oriented introduction to the topic. The OnePageR consists of multiple, one page recipes that cover many aspects of the topic. It can be worked through by the student and then used as a reference guide. Each page aims to be a bite sized chunk for hands-on learning, building on what has gone before. A laboratory session then follows, where the student is epxected to complete the tasks and submit material for assessment.

The R code sitting behind each OnePageR module is also provided and can be run standalone to replicate the material presented in the module.

By the author of: Data mining with Rattle and R : the art of excavating data for knowledge discovery (Springer, 2011).

Some of the topics are missing exercises and some topics remain to be done.

Don’t by shy!

BTW, Rattle resources.

I first saw this in Christophe Lalanne’s A bag of tweets / December 2013.

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