Neo4j 1.2 Milestone 5 – Reference Manual and HA! – Post (Protends for TMQL?)

Neo4J 1.2 Milestone 5 – Reference Manual and HA!

News of the release of a reference manual for Neo4j and a High Availability option (the HA in the title).

I know it is a reference manual but I was disappointed there was no mention of topic maps.

Surprising I know but it still happens. 😉

Guess I need to try to find the cycles to generate, collaborate on, etc., some documentation that can be posted to the topic maps community for review.

Assuming it passes muster there, it can be passed along to the Neo4j project.

BTW, I found a “related” article listed for Neo4j that starts off:

A multi-relational graph maintains two or more relations over a vertex set. This article defines an algebra for traversing such graphs that is based on an $n$-ary relational algebra, a concatenative single-relational path algebra, and a tensor-based multi-relational algebra. The presented algebra provides a monoid, automata, and formal language theoretic foundation for the construction of a multi-relational graph traversal engine.

Can’t you just hear Robert saying that with a straight face? 😉

Seriously, if we are going to compete with enterprise grade solutions, that is the level of thinking that needs to underlie TMQL.

It is going to require effort on all our parts but “good enough” solutions aren’t and should not be supported.

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