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A New Source of Revenue for Data Scientists: Selling Data by Vincent Granville.

From the post:

What kind of data is salable? How can data scientists independently make money by selling data that is automatically generated: raw data, research data (presented as customized reports), or predictions. In short, using an automated data generation / gathering or prediction system, working from home with no boss and no employee, and possibly no direct interactions with clients. An alternate career path that many of us would enjoy!

Vincent gives a number of examples of companies selling data right now, some possible data sources, startup ideas and pointers to articles on data scientists.

Vincent makes me think there are at least three ways to sell topic maps:

  1. Sell people on using topic maps so they can produce high quality data through the use of topic maps.
  2. Sell people on hiring you to construct a topic map system so they can produce high quality data.
  3. Sell people high quality data because you are using a topic map.

Not everyone who likes filet mignon (#3), wants to raise the cow (#1) and/or butcher the cow(#2).

It is more expensive to buy filet mignon, but it also lowers the odds of stepping in cow manure and/or blood.

What data would you buy?

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