Krona: Hierarchical data browser

Krona: Hierarchical data browser

From the webpage:

Krona allows hierarchical data to be explored with zoomable pie charts. Krona charts can be created using an Excel template or KronaTools, which includes support for several bioinformatics tools and raw data formats. The charts can be viewed with a recent version of any major web browser (see Browser support).

I’m not sure that “zoomable pie chart” is an entirely accurate description of Krona. Not inaccurate, just doesn’t clue the reader in on what awaits.

Here are two of the non-specialized examples:

Nutrition facts for granola.

Disk usage for a folder.

Play with the technique and let me know if you find it useful.

Obviously others do but I am missing something about it. I will read some of the literature and come back to it.

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