2013 Arrives! (New Crawl Data)

New Crawl Data Available! by Jordan Mendelson.

From the post:

We are very please to announce that new crawl data is now available! The data was collected in 2013, contains approximately 2 billion web pages and is 102TB in size (uncompressed).

We’ve made some changes to the data formats and the directory structure. Please see the details below and please share your thoughts and questions on the Common Crawl Google Group.

Format Changes

We have switched from ARC files to WARC files to better match what the industry has standardized on. WARC files allow us to include HTTP request information in the crawl data, add metadata about requests, and cross-reference the text extracts with the specific response that they were generated from. There are also many good open source tools for working with WARC files.

We have switched the metadata files from JSON to WAT files. The JSON format did not allow specifying the multiple offsets to files necessary for the WARC upgrade and WAT files provide more detail.

We have switched our text file format from Hadoop sequence files to WET files (WARC Encapsulated Text) that properly reference the original requests. This makes it far easier for your processes to disambiguate which text extracts belong to which specific page fetches.

Jordan continues to outline the directory structure of the 2013 crawl data and lists additional resources that will be of interest.

If you aren’t Google or some reasonable facsimile thereof (yet), the Common Crawl data set is your doorway into the wild wild content of the WWW.

How do your algorithms fare when matched against the full range of human expression?

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