BBC throws weight behind open data movement

BBC throws weight behind open data movement by Sophie Curtis.

From the post:

The BBC has signed Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with the Europeana Foundation, the Open Data Institute, the Open Knowledge Foundation and the Mozilla Foundation, supporting free and open internet technologies.

The agreements will enable closer collaboration between the BBC and each of the four organisations on a range of mutual interests, including the release of structured open data and the use of open standards in web development, according to the BBC.

One aim of the agreement is to give clear technical standards and models to organisations who want to work with the BBC, and give those using the internet a deeper understanding of the technologies involved.

The MoUs also bring together several existing areas of research and provide a framework to explore future opportunities. Through this and other initiatives, the BBC hopes to become a catalyst for open innovation by publishing clear technical standards, models, expertise and – where feasible – data.

That’s good news!

I think.

I looked in Sophie’s story for links to the four Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) but could not find them.

So I visited the press releases from the various participants:

BBC: BBC signs Memorandums of Understanding with open internet organisations

Europeana Foundation: Press Releases (No news posted on the BBC, as of 17:00 EST, 26 November 2013).

Mozilla Foundation: Press Releases (No news posted on the BBC, as of 17:00 EST, 26 November 2013).

Open Data Institute: BBC signs open data agreement with ODI…

Open Knowledge Foundation: BBC signs Memorandum of Understanding with the Open Knowledge Foundation

Five out of five, no Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs), at least not in their news releases.

It seems inconsistent to have open data “Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs)” that aren’t themselves “open data.”

For all I know the BBC may be about to mail everyone a copy of them, but the logical place to release the memoranda would be with the signing news.


Please make a comment if I have overlooked the public posting of these “Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs).”


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