Playing with Mathematica on Raspberry Pi

Playing with Mathematica on Raspberry Pi by Mike Croucher.

From the post:

As soon as I heard the news that Mathematica was being made available completely free on the Raspberry Pi, I just had to get myself a Pi and have a play. So, I bought the Raspberry Pi Advanced Kit from my local Maplin Electronics store, plugged it to the kitchen telly and booted it up. The exercise made me miss my father because the last time I plugged a computer into the kitchen telly was when I was 8 years old; it was Christmas morning and dad and I took our first steps into a new world with my Sinclair Spectrum 48K.

An early but very detailed report on using Mathematica on the Raspberry Pi.

The post will be more meaningful if you have a Raspberry Pi to follow along.

With a single Raspberry Pi, slower than the author’s laptop, but that’s not unexpected.

If you see news of Raspberry Pi network running Mathematica, poke me.

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