WBG Topical Taxonomy

WBG Topical Taxonomy

From the description:

The WBG Taxonomy is a classification schema which represents the concepts used to describe the World Bank Group’s topical knowledge domains and areas of expertise – expertise – the ‘what we do’ and ‘what we know’ aspect of the Bank’s work. The WBG Taxonomy provides an enterprise-wide, application-independent framework for describing all of the Bank’s areas of expertise and knowledge domains, current as well as historical, representing the language used by domain experts and domain novices, and Bank staff and Bank clients.

Available in TriG, N-Triples, RDF/XML, Turtle.

A total of 1560 concepts.

You did hear about the JP Morgan Twitter debacle, JPMorgan humiliates itself in front of all of Twitter?

My favorite tweet (from memory) was: “Does the sleeze come off with a regular shower or does it require something special, like babys’ tears?”

In light of JP Morgan’s experience, why not ask citizens of countries with World Bank debt:

What needs to be added to the “World Bank Global Topical Taxonomy?

For example:

Budget Transparency – No content other than broader concepts.

Two others at random:

ICT and Social Accountability – No content other than broader concepts. (ICT = Information and Communication Technologies)

Rural Poverty and Livelihoods – No content other than one broader concept.

Do you think vague categories result in avoidance of accountability and corporate responsibility?

So do I.

I first saw this in a tweet by Pool Party.

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