Delivering on Stinger:…

Delivering on Stinger: a Phase 3 Progress Update by Arun Murthy.

From the post:

With the attention of the Hadoop community on Strata/Hadoop World in New York this week, it’s seems an appropriate time to give everyone an early update on continued community development of Apache Hive. This progress well and truly cements Hive as the standard open-source SQL solution for the Apache Hadoop ecosystem for not just extremely large-scale, batch queries but also for low-latency, human-interactive queries.

Many of you have heard of Project Stinger already, but for those who have not, Stinger is a community-facing roadmap laid out to improve Hive’s performance 100x and bring true interactive query to Hadoop. You can read more at

We’ve gotten really excited lately as we’ve started to piece together the performance gains brought on by the past 9 months of hard work, including more than 700 closed Hive JIRAs and the launch of Apache Tez, which moves Hadoop beyond batch into a truly interactive big data platform.

I won’t replicate the performance graphics but I can hint that 200x improvements are worth your attention.

That’s right. 200x improvement in query performance.

Don’t take my word for it, read Arun’s post.

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