Stardog 2.0.0 (26 September 2013)

Stardog 2.0.0 (26 September 2013)

From the docs page:

Introducing Stardog

Stardog is a graph database—fast, lightweight, pure Java storage for mission-critical apps—that supports:

  • the RDF data model
  • SPARQL 1.1 query language
  • HTTP and SNARL protocols for remote access and control
  • OWL 2 and rules for inference and data analytics
  • Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, .Net, Groovy, Spring, etc.

New features in 2.0:

I was amused to read in Stardog Rules Syntax:

Stardog supports two different syntaxes for defining rules. The first is native Stardog Rules syntax and is based on SPARQL, so you can re-use what you already know about SPARQL to write rules. Unless you have specific requirements otherwise, you should use this syntax for user-defined rules in Stardog. The second, the de facto standard RDF/XML syntax for SWRL. It has the advantage of being supported in many tools; but it‘s not fun to read or to write. You probably don’t want to use it. Better: don’t use this syntax! (emphasis in the original)

Install and play with it over the weekend. It’s a good way to experience RDF and SPARQL.

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