…Boring HA And Scalability Problems

Great Open Source Solution For Boring HA And Scalability Problems by Maarten Ectors and Frank Mueller.

From the post:

High-availability and scalability are exciting in general but there are certain problems that experts see over and over again. The list is long but examples are setting up MySQL clustering, sharding Mongo, adding data nodes to a Hadoop cluster, monitoring with Ganglia, building continuous deployment solutions, integrating Memcached / Varnish / Nginx,… Why are we reinventing the wheel?

At Ubuntu we made it our goal to have the community solve these repetitive and often boring tasks. How often have you had to set-up MySQL replication and scale it? What if the next time you just simply do:

  1. juju deploy mysql
  2. juju deploy mysql mysql-slave
  3. juju add-relation mysql:master mysql-slave:slave
  4. juju add-unit -n 10 mysql-slave

It’s easy to see how these four commands work. After deploying a master and a slave MySQL both are related as master and slave. After this you simply can add more slaves like it is done here with 10 more instances.

Responsible for this easy approach is one of our latest open source solutions, Juju. Juju allows any server software to be packaged inside what is called a Charm. A Charm describes how the software is deployed, integrated and scaled. Once an expert creates the Charm and uploads it to the Charm Store, anybody can use it instantly. Execution environments for Charms are abstracted via providers. The list of supported providers is growing and includes Amazon AWS, HP Cloud, Microsoft Azure, any Openstack private cloud, local LXC containers, bare metal deployments with MaaS, etc. So Juju allows any software to be instantly deployed, integrated and scaled on any cloud.

We all want HA and scalability problems to be “boring.”

When HA and scalabiilty problems are “exciting,” that’s a bad thing!

If you are topic mapping in the cloud, take the time to read about Juju.

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