Three exciting Lucene features in one day

Three exciting Lucene features in one day by Mike McCandless.

From the post:

The first feature, committed yesterday, is the new expressions module. This allows you to define a dynamic field for sorting, using an arbitrary String expression. There is builtin support for parsing JavaScript, but the parser is pluggable if you want to create your own syntax.

The second feature, also committed yesterday, is updateable numeric doc-values fields, letting you change previously indexed numeric values using the new updateNumericDocValue method on IndexWriter. It works fine with near-real-time readers, so you can update the numeric values for a few documents and then re-open a new near-real-time reader to see the changes.

Finally, the third feature is a new suggester implementation, FreeTextSuggester. It is a very different suggester than the existing ones: rather than suggest from a finite universe of pre-built suggestions, it uses a simple ngram language model to predict the “long tail” of possible suggestions based on the 1 or 2 previous tokens.

By anybody’s count, that was an extraordinary day!

Drop by Mike’s post for the details.

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