AT4AM: The XML Web Editor Used By…

AT4AM: The XML Web Editor Used By Members Of European Parliment

From the post:

AT4AM – Authoring Tool for Amendments – is a web editor provided to Members of European Parliament (MEPs) that has greatly improved the drafting of amendments at European Parliament since its introduction in 2010.

The tool, developed by the Directorate for Innovation and Technological Support of European Parliament (DG ITEC) has replaced a system based on a collection of macros developed in MS Word and specific ad hoc templates.

Moving beyond guessing the semantics of an author depends upon those semantics being documented at the point of creation.

Having said that, I think we all acknowledge that for the average user, RDF and its kin, were DOA.

Interfaces such as AT4AM, if they can be extended to capture the semantics of their authors, would be a step in the right direction.

BTW, see the AT4AM homepage, complete with live demo.

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