Norch – a search engine for node.js

Norch – a search engine for node.js by Fergus McDowall.

From the post:

Norch is a search engine written for Node.js. Norch uses the Node search-index module which is in turn written using the super fast levelDB library that Google open-sourced in 2011.

The aim of Norch is to make a simple, fast search server, that requires minimal configuration to set up. Norch sacrifices complex functionality for a limited robust feature set, that can be used to set up a freetext search engine for most enterprise scenarios.

Currently Norch features

  • Full text search
  • Stopword removal
  • Faceting
  • Filtering
  • Relevance weighting (tf-idf)
  • Field weighting
  • Paging (offset and resultset length)

Norch can index any data that is marked up in the appropriate JSON format

Download the first release of Norch (0.2.1) here

Not every feature possible but it looks like Norch covers the most popular ones.

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