Made with D3.js

Made with D3.js Curated by Scott Murray.

From the webpage:

This gallery showcases a range of projects made with D3, arguably the most powerful JavaScript library for making visualizations on the web. Unlike many other software packages, D3 has a broad, interdisciplinary appeal. Released officially only in 2011, D3 has quickly been adopted as a tool of choice by practitioners creating interactive visualizations to be published on the web. And since D3 uses only JavaScript and web standards built into every current browser, no plug-ins are needed, and projects will typically run well on mobile devices. It can be used for dry quantitative charts, of course, but D3 really shines for custom work. Here is a selection work that shows off some of D3’s strengths.

Examples of the capabilities of D3.js.

These images may not accurately reflect your level of artistic talent.

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