Comparing text to data by importing tags

Comparing text to data by importing tags by Jonathan Stray.

From the post:

Overview sorts documents into folders based on the topic of each document, as determined by analyzing every word in each document. But it can also be used to see how the document text relates to the date of publication, document type, or any other field related to each document.

This is possible because Overview can import tags. To use this feature, you will need to get your documents into CSV file, which is a simple rows and columns spreadsheet format. As usual, the text of each document does in the “text” column. But you can also add a “tags” column which gives the tag or tags to be initially assigned to each document, separated by commas if more than one.

Jonathan demonstrates this technique on the Afghanistan War Logs.

Associations at the level of a document are useful.

Such as Jonathan suggests, document + date of publication; document + document type, etc.

But doesn’t that leave the reader with the last semantic mile to travel on their own?

That is I would rather have: document + source/author + term in document + data of publication and a host of other associations represented.

Otherwise, once I find the document, using tags perhaps, I have to retrace the steps of anyone who discovered the “document + source/author + term in document + data of publication” relationship before I did.

And anyone following me will have to retrace my steps.

How many searches get retraced in your department every month?

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