Building a Real-time, Big Data Analytics Platform with Solr

Building a Real-time, Big Data Analytics Platform with Solr by Trey Grainger.


Having “big data” is great, but turning that data into actionable intelligence is where the real value lies. This talk will demonstrate how you can use Solr to build a highly scalable data analytics engine to enable customers to engage in lightning fast, real-time knowledge discovery.

At CareerBuilder, we utilize these techniques to report the supply and demand of the labor force, compensation trends, customer performance metrics, and many live internal platform analytics. You will walk away from this talk with an advanced understanding of faceting, including pivot-faceting, geo/radius faceting, time-series faceting, function faceting, and multi-select faceting. You’ll also get a sneak peak at some new faceting capabilities just wrapping up development including distributed pivot facets and percentile/stats faceting, which will be open-sourced.

The presentation will be a technical tutorial, along with real-world use-cases and data visualizations. After this talk, you’ll never see Solr as just a text search engine again.

Trey proposes a paradigm shift from document retrieval with Solr and towards returning aggregated information as a result of Solr searches.

Brief overview of faceting with examples of different visual presentations of returned facet data.

Rocking demonstration of the power of facets to power analytics! (Caveat: Yes, facets can do that, but good graphics is another skill entirely.)

Every customer has their own Solr index. (That’s a good idea.)

Implemented A/B testing using Solr. (And shows how he created it.)

This is a great presentation!

BTW, Trey is co-authoring: Solr in Action.

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