Nearest Stars to Earth (infographic)

Learn about the nearest stars, their distances in light-years, spectral types and known planets, in this infographic.
Source All about our solar system, outer space and exploration

I first saw this at The Nearest Stars by Randy Krum.

Curious if you see the same issues with the graphic that Randy does?

This type of display isn’t uncommon in amateur astronomy zines.

How would you change it?

My first thought was to lose the light year rings.

Why? Because I can’t rotate them visually with any degree of accuracy.

For example, how far do you think Kruger 60 is from Earth? More than 15 light years or less? (Follow the Kruger 60 link for the correct answer.)

If it makes you feel better, my answer to that question was wrong. 😉

Take another chance, what about SCR 1845-6357? (I got that one wrong as well.)

The information is correctly reported but I mis-read the graphic. How did you do?

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