Force Atlas 3D:…

3d graph

Force Atlas 3D: New plugin to visualize your graphs in 3D with Gephi by Clement Levallois.

From the post:

Hi, Just released today a plugin to visualize your networks in 3D with Gephi: Force Atlas 3D. Find it here, but you can install it directly from within Gephi, by following these instructions.

Your 2D networks are now visualized in the 3D space. Effects of depth and perspective make it easier to perceive the structure of your network.

“Which node is most central” can get a new answer, visually: nodes “nested” inside the network are surely interesting to look at.

This plugin was written on top of the Force Atlas 2 plugin, developed by Mathieu Jacomy et al. and that you can find installed by default in Gephi already. Thanks to them for this great work!

I think you will find this quite impressive!

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