Making Sense Out of Datomic,…

Making Sense Out of Datomic, The Revolutionary Non-NoSQL Database by Jakub Holy.

From the post:

I have finally managed to understand one of the most unusual databases of today, Datomic, and would like to share it with you. Thanks to Stuart Halloway and his workshop!

Why? Why?!?

As we shall see shortly, Datomic is very different from the traditional RDBMS databases as well as the various NoSQL databases. It even isn’t a database – it is a database on top of a database. I couldn’t wrap my head around that until now. The key to the understanding of Datomic and its unique design and advantages is actually simple.

The mainstream databases (and languages) have been designed around the following constraints of 1970s:

  • memory is expensive
  • storage is expensive
  • it is necessary to use dedicated, expensive machines

Datomic is essentially an exploration of what database we would have designed if we hadn’t these constraints. What design would we choose having gigabytes of RAM, networks with bandwidth and speed matching and exceeding harddisk access, the ability to spin and kill servers at a whim.

But Datomic isn’t an academical project. It is pragmatic, it wants to fit into our existing environments and make it easy for us to start using its futuristic capabilities now. And it is not as fresh and green as it might seem. Rich Hickey, the master mind behind Clojure and Datomic, has reportedly thought about both these projects for years and the designs have been really well thought through.


Deeply interesting summary of Datomic.

The only point I would have added about traditional databases was the requirement for normalized data. Placing load on designers and users instead of the software.

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