Overview: Visualization to connect the dots by Jonathan Stray.

Overview has a new UI!

It’s a screen shot and difficult to describe. Check it out!

About Overview:

Overview is intended to help journalists, researchers, and other curious people make sense of massive, disorganized collections of electronic documents. It’s a visualization and analysis tool designed for sets of documents, typically thousands of pages of material.

Overview applies natural language processing algorithms to automatically sort the documents into folders and sub-folders based on their topic. Like a table of contents, this organization helps you to understand “what’s in there?” This is more powerful than text search, because it helps you to find what you don’t even know to look for.

Overview has been used to analyze emails, a declassified document dumps, material from Wikileaks releases, social media posts, online comments, and more.

My question would be how difficult/easy it is to integrate connected dots from one project/reporter to another?

Or to search the semantics of dots discovered in a project?

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