Introducing Datameer 3.0 [Pushbutton Analytics]

Introducing Datameer 3.0 by Stefan Groschupf

From the post:

Today, we are doubling down on our promise of making big data analytics on Hadoop self-service and a business user function with the introduction of Smart Analytics in Datameer 3.0. You can get the full details in our press release, or on our website, but in a single sentence, we’re giving subject matter experts like doctors, marketeers, or financial analysts a way to do actual data science with simple point and clicks. What once were complex algorithms are now buttons you can click that will “automagically” identify groups, relationships, patterns, and even build recommendations based on your data. A data scientist would call what we’re empowering business users to do ‘data mining’ or ‘machine learning,’ but we aren’t building a tool for data scientists. This is Smart Analytics.

A very good example that “data mining” and “machine learning” are useful, but not on the radar of the average user.

Users have some task they want to accomplish, whether that takes “data mining” or “machine learning” or enslaved fairies, they could care less.

The same can be said for promoting topic maps.

Subject identity, associations, etc., are interesting to a very narrow slice of the world’s population.

What is of interest to a very large slice of the world’s population is gaining some advantage over competitors or a benefit others don’t enjoy.

To the extent that subject identity and robust merging can help in those tasks, they are interested. But otherwise, not.

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