FoundationDB Beta 2 [NSA Scale?]

Beta 2 is here – with 100X increased capacity!

From the post:

We’re happy to announce that we’ve released FoundationDB Beta 2!

Most of our testing and tuning in the past has focused on data sets ranging up to 1TB, but our users have told us that they’re excited to begin applying FoundationDB’s transactional processing to data sets larger than 1 TB, so we made that our major focus for Beta 2.

db scale

Beta 2 significantly reduces memory and CPU usage while increasing server robustness when working with larger data sets. FoundationDB now supports data sets up to 100 TB of aggregate key-value size. Though if you are planning on going above 10 TB you might want to talk to us at for some configuration recommendations—we’re always happy to help.

Also new in Beta 2 is support for Node 0.10 and Ruby on Windows. Of course, there are a whole lot of behind-the-scenes improvements to both the core and our APIs, some of which are documented in the release notes.

New Website!

We also recently rolled out a cool new website to explain the transformative effect that ACID transactions have on NoSQL technology. Be sure to check it out, along with our community site where you can share your insights and get questions answered.

Do you think “web scale” is rather passé nowadays?

Really should be talking about NSA scale.


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