Hortonworks Data Platform 1.3 Release

Hortonworks Data Platform 1.3 Release: The community continues to power innovation in Hadoop by Jeff Sposetti.

From the post:

HDP 1.3 release delivers on community-driven innovation in Hadoop with SQL-IN-Hadoop, and continued ease of enterprise integration and business continuity features.

Almost one year ago (50 weeks to be exact) we released Hortonworks Data Platform 1.0, the first 100% open source Hadoop platform into the marketplace. The past year has been dynamic to say the least! However, one thing has remained constant: the steady, predictable cadence of HDP releases. In September 2012 we released 1.1, this February gave us 1.2 and today we’re delighted to release HDP 1.3.

HDP 1.3 represents yet another significant step forward and allows customers to harness the latest innovation around Apache Hadoop and its related projects in the open source community. In addition to providing a tested, integrated distribution of these projects, HDP 1.3 includes a primary focus on enhancements to Apache Hive, the de-facto standard for SQL access in Hadoop as well as numerous improvements that simplify ease of use.

Whatever the magic dust is for a successful open source project, the Hadoop community has it in abundance.

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