Getting Started with ElasticSearch: Part 1 – Indexing

Getting Started with ElasticSearch: Part 1 – Indexing by Florian Hopf.

From the post:

ElasticSearch is gaining a huge momentum with large installations like Github and Stackoverflow switching to it for its search capabilities. Its distributed nature makes it an excellent choice for large datasets with high availability requirements. In this 2 part article I’d like to share what I learned building a small Java application just for search.

The example I am showing here is part of an application I am using for talks to show the capabilities of Lucene, Solr and ElasticSearch. It’s a simple webapp that can search on user group talks. You can find the sources on GitHub.

Some experience with Solr can be helpful when starting with ElasticSearch but there are also times when it’s best to not stick to your old knowledge.

As rapidly as Solr, Lucene and ElasticSearch are developing, old knowledge can be an issue for any of them.

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