Topic Maps in Lake Wobegon

Jim Harris writes in The Decision Wobegon Effect:

In his book The Most Human Human, Brian Christian discussed what Baba Shiv of the Stanford Graduate School of Business called the decision dilemma, “where there is no objectively best choice, where there are simply a number of subjective variables with trade-offs between them. The nature of the situation is such that additional information probably won’t even help. In these cases – consider the parable of the donkey that, halfway between two bales of hay and unable to decide which way to walk, starves to death – what we want, more than to be correct, is to be satisfied with our choice (and out of the dilemma).”


Jim describes the Wobegon effect, an effect that blinds decision makers to alternative bales of hay.

Topic maps are composed of a mass of decisions, both large and small.

Is the Wobegon effect affecting your topic map authoring?

Check Jim’s post and think about your topic map authoring practices.

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