FuturICT:… [No Semantics?]

FuturICT: Participatory Computing for Our Complex World

From the FuturICT FET Flagship Project Summary:

FuturICT is a visionary project that will deliver new science and technology to explore, understand and manage our connected world. This will inspire new information and communication technologies (ICT) that are socially adaptive and socially interactive, supporting collective awareness.

Revealing the hidden laws and processes underlying our complex, global, socially interactive systems constitutes one of the most pressing scientific challenges of the 21st Century. Integrating complexity science with ICT and the social sciences, will allow us to design novel robust, trustworthy and adaptive technologies based on socially inspired paradigms. Data from a variety of sources will help us to develop models of techno-socioeconomic systems. In turn, insights from these models will inspire a new generation of socially adaptive, self-organised ICT systems. This will create a paradigm shift and facilitate a symbiotic co-evolution of ICT and society. In response to the European Commission’s call for a ‘Big Science’ project, FuturICT will build a largescale, pan European, integrated programme of research which will extend for 10 years and beyond.

Did you know that the term “semantic” appears only twice in the FuturICT Project Outline? And both times as in the “semantic web?”

Not a word of how models, data sources, paradigms, etc., with different semantics are going to be wedded into a coherent whole.

View it as an opportunity to deliver FuturlCT results using topic maps beyond this project.

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