Harvard Dataverse Network

Harvard Dataverse Network

From the webpage:

The Harvard Dataverse Network is open to all scientific data from all disciplines worldwide. It includes the world’s largest collection of social science research data. If you would like to upload your research data, first create a dataverse and then create a study. If you already have a dataverse, log in to add new studies.

Sharing of data that underlies published research.

Dataverses (520 of those) contain studies (52,289) which contain files (722,615).

For example, following the link for the Tom Clark dataverse, provides a listing of five (5) studies, ordered by their global ids.

Following the link to the Locating Supreme Court Opinions in Doctrine Space study, defaults to detailed cataloging information for the study.

The interface is under active development.

One feature that I hope is added soon is the ability to browse dataverses by author and self-assigned subjects.

Searching works, but is more reliable if you know the correct search terms to use.

I didn’t see any plans to deal with semantic ambiguity/diversity.

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