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scalingpipe – porting LingPipe tutorial examples to Scala by Sujit Pal.

From the post:

Recently, I was tasked with evaluating LingPipe for use in our NLP processing pipeline. I have looked at LingPipe before, but have generally kept away from it because of its licensing – while it is quite friendly to individual developers such as myself (as long as I share the results of my work, I can use LingPipe without any royalties), a lot of the stuff I do is motivated by problems at work, and LingPipe based solutions are only practical when the company is open to the licensing costs involved.

So anyway, in an attempt to kill two birds with one stone, I decided to work with the LingPipe tutorial, but with Scala. I figured that would allow me to pick up the LingPipe API as well as give me some additional experience in Scala coding. I looked around to see if anybody had done something similar and I came upon the scalingpipe project on GitHub where Alexy Khrabov had started with porting the Interesting Phrases tutorial example.

Now there’s a clever idea!

Achieves a deep understanding of the LingPipe API and Scala experience.

Not to mention having useful results for other users.

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