4th Open PHACTS Community Workshop (slides) [Operational Equivalence]

4th Open PHACTS Community Workshop : Using the power of Open PHACTS

From the post:

The fourth Open PHACTS Community Workshop was held at Burlington House in London on April 22 and 23, 2013. The Workshop focussed on “Using the Power of Open PHACTS” and featured the public release of the Open PHACTS application programming interface (API) and the first Open PHACTS example app, ChemBioNavigator.

The first day featured talks describing the data accessible via the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform and technical aspects of the API. The use of the API by example applications ChemBioNavigator and PharmaTrek was outlined, and the results of the Accelrys Pipeline Pilot Hackathon discussed.

The second day involved discussion of Open PHACTS sustainability and plans for the successor organisation, the Open PHACTS Foundation. The afternoon was attended by those keen to further discuss the potential of the Open PHACTS API and the future of Open PHACTS.

During talks, especially those detailing the Open PHACTS API, a good number of signup requests to the API via dev.openphacts.org were received. The hashtag #opslaunch was used to follow reactions to the workshop on Twitter (see storify), and showed the response amongst attendees to be overwhelmingly positive.

This summary is followed by slides from the two days of presentations.

Not like being there but still quite useful.

As a matter of fact, I found a lead on “operational equivalence” with this data set. More to follow in a separate post.

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