LevelGraph [Graph Databases and Semantic Diversity]


From the webpage:

LevelGraph is a Graph Database. Unlike many other graph database, LevelGraph is built on the uber-fast key-value store LevelDB through the powerful LevelUp library. You can use it inside your node.js application.

LevelGraph loosely follows the Hexastore approach as presente in the article: Hexastore: sextuple indexing for semantic web data management C Weiss, P Karras, A Bernstein – Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment, 2008. Following this approach, LevelGraph uses six indices for every triple, in order to access them as fast as it is possible.

The family of graph databases gains another member.

The growth of graph database offerings is evidence the effort to reduce semantic diversity is a fool’s errand.

It isn’t hard to find graph database projects, yet new ones appear on a regular basis.

With every project starting over with the basic issues of graph representation and algorithms.

The reasons for that diversity are likely as diverse as the diversity itself.

If the world has been diverse, remains diverse and evidence is it will continue to be diverse, what are the odds in fighting diversity?

That’s what I thought.

Topic maps, embracing diversity.

I first saw this in a tweet by Frank Denis.

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