Controversial Cyber Security Bill CISPA…

Controversial Cyber Security Bill CISPA Passed Again By The US House by Avik Sarkar.

From the post:

Couple of months ago we reported that the White House is planning for an executive cyber security order, from some official sources it has also come to know that the U.S. President Mr. Barack Obama has a special plan to re-introduce the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA). Today that deceleration get executed as the US House of Representatives has passed the controversial Cyber Information Sharing and Protection Act. This is the second time when CISPA have been passed by the White House, first it was rejected by the Senator while saying that the bill did not do enough to protect privacy. But yet again with the initiative of Obama and a substantial majority of politicians in the House backed the bill. Though there is a huge chance of getting rejected. According to some relevant sources it has been came to light that, this time also CISPA could fail again in the Senate after threats from President Obama to veto it over privacy concerns. Sources are saying that the main reason of re-introducing CISPA is the the President Barack Obama expressed concerns that it could pose a privacy risk. The White House wants amendments so more is done to ensure the minimum amount of data is handed over in investigations.  The law is passing through the US legislative system as American federal agencies warn that malicious hackers, motivated by money or acting on behalf of foreign governments, such as China, are one of the biggest threats facing the nation.  “If you want to take a shot across China’s bow, this is the answer,” said Mike Rogers, the Republican politician who co-wrote CISPA and chairs the House Intelligence Committee. 

Don’t be distracted by the privacy/civil liberties/cybersecurity dance in Washington, D.C.

Why would you trust a government with a kill list to balk at listening to your phone or reading your email traffic?

A government that does those things and lies to the public about them, is unworthy of trust.

Guard your privacy as best you can.

No one else is going to do it for you.

PS: Topic maps may be able to help your watch the watchers. See how they like a good dose of sunshine.

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