Developing a Solr Plugin

Developing a Solr Plugin by Andrew Janowczyk.

From the post:

For our flagship product,, we strive to bring the most cutting-edge technologies to our users. As we’ve mentioned in earlier blog posts, we rely heavily on Solr and Lucene to provide the framework for these functionalities. The nice thing about the Solr framework is that it allows for easy development of plugins which can greatly extend the capabilities of the software. We’ll be creating a set of slideshares which describe how to implement 3 types of plugins so that you can get ahead of the learning curve and start extending your own custom Solr installation now.

There are mainly 4 types of custom plugins which can be created. We’ll discuss their differences here:

Sometimes Andrew says three (3) types of plugins and sometimes he says four (4).

I tried to settle the question by looking at the Solr Wiki on plugins.

Depends on how you want to count separate plugins. 😉

But, Andrew’s advice about learning to write plugins is sound. It will put your results above those of others.

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