Tim Berners-Lee Renounces XML?

Draft TAG Teleconference Minutes 4th of April 2013

In a discussion of ISSUE-34: XML Transformation and composability (e.g., XSLT,XInclude, Encryption) the following exchange takes place:

Noah: Lets go through the issues and see which we can close. … Processing model of XML. Is there any interest in this?


Tim: I’m happy to do things with XML. This came from when we’re talking about XML was processed. The meaning from XML has to be taken outside-in. Otherwise you cannot create new XML specifications that interweave with what exist. … Not clear people noticed that.

I note that traceker has several status codes we can assign, including OPEN, PENDING, REVIEW, POSTPONED, and CLOSED.

Tim: Henry did a lot more work on that. I don’t feel we need to put a whole lot of energy into XML at all. JSON is the new way for me. It’s much more straightforward.

Suggestion: if we think this is now resolved or uninteresting, CLOSE it; if we think it’s interesting but not now, then POSTPONED?

Tim: We need another concept besides OPEN/CLOSED. Something like NOT WORKING ON IT.

Noah: It has POSTPONED.

Tim: POSTPONED expresses a feeling of guilt. But there’s no guilt.

Noah: It’s close enough and I’m not looking forward to changing Tracker.

ht, you wanted to add 0.02USD

Henry: I’m happy to move this to the backburner. I think there’s a genuine issue here and of interest to the community but I don’t have the bandwidth.

Noah: We need to tell ourselves a story as to what these codes mean. … Historically we used CLOSED for “it’s in pretty good shape”.

Henry: I’m happy with POSTPONED and it’s better than CLOSED.

+1 for postponing


RESOLUTION: We mark ISSUE-34 (xmlFunctions-34) POSTPONED

I think this is important, thanks for doing it noah

(emphasis added)

XML can be improved to be sure but the concept is not inherently flawed.

To JSON supporters, all I can say is XML wasn’t the bloated confusion you see now when it started.

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