Outing Censors

You may already be aware of threats and legal proceedings by Edwin Mellen Press against criticism of itself and its publications.

For one recent update, see: Posts Removed Because We’ve Received Letters From Edwin Mellen Press’ Attorney by Kent Anderson.

For further background, see: When Sellers and Buyers Disagree — Edwin Mellen Press vs. a Critical Librarian by Rick Anderson.

The thought occurs to me that over the years there must be a treasure trove of letters and other communications from Edwin Mellen Press, not to mention litigation files, depositions, etc.

But any story about Edwin Mellen Press will be written with access to only part of that historical information.

What if McMaster University were to publicize the “…demands and considerable pressure from the Edwin Mellen Press….?” And those demands could be mapped to other demands against others?

The demands by Edwin Mellen Press have been made against librarians. The very people who excel at the collection and creation of archives.

Is it time for the library community to pool its knowledge about Edwin Mellen Press?

My time resources are limited but I would be willing to contribute as I am able to such an effort.


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